Louise Porter is a multi-talented artist who has transitioned from a successful career in music to pursue a new passion: wildlife photography. After years of touring as a musician, Louise found a new calling in capturing the beauty and diversity of the natural world through her lens.

Based in Vancouver, Canada , Louise has a deep appreciation for the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. With her experience as a performer, she brings a unique perspective to her photography, using her artistic skills to capture the essence of each animal in a way that is both captivating and authentic.

Through her work as a photographer Louise is committed to raising awareness about the importance of conservation and environmental stewardship. Her photographs showcase the wonder and complexity of nature, inspiring viewers to appreciate and protect the world around us.

Although Louise’s journey as a photographer is just beginning, she has already been recognized for her talent and dedication. Her images have been featured in Digital Camera World Online, and she has showcased at Espacio El Dorado in Bogotá, Columbia as well as The Coningsby Gallery in London England. 

Louise can always be found exploring the great outdoors with her camera, seeking out new opportunities to capture the majesty of wildlife in its natural habitat.

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